COMPASS LLC cooperates with Gerflor in the delivery of the most modern floor coverings for transport. Gerflor is recognized as a specialist and world leader in the field of PVC floor coverings. Already well established in more than 100 countries, Gerflor is regularly developing its operations in new markets. Choosing the options presented on our website, you choose the standard on the floor covering of buses and buses. They are created specifically to meet the needs of their application.

All the items on our website are built specifically to meet the needs of their applications:

  • high slip resistance for passenger safety
  • abrasion resistance for product durability
  • ease of cleaning and maintenance for operator efficiency
  • lightweight Tarabus for fuel savings and lower CO² emissions
  • undergo rigorous laboratory testing and inspection

Products shown: 3


Universal design allows you to use it successfully in urban transport


New design in 3 colors for a mineral atmosphere effect. MOSAIC effect and high-quality floor covering designed for heavy traffic