Moscow electric buses and buses are in fashion among citizens

6 October 2020

In Moscow, we now have electric buses that move smoothly and quietly. The cabin has air conditioning, and externally Moscow buses look very stylish. Being a modern metropolis, Moscow does not lag in its trends from other cities. Ride the bus becomes stylish. On the city buses, you can meet business people in suits, university teachers and teenagers. Buses are suitable for low-mobility groups of citizens, for strollers. The seats are comfortable, the interior of the bus is clean, the interior details are new. It is safe, unlike minibusses. Citizens can use urban travel cards on land transport at fixed rates. Bus routes are convenient, and passengers can check the schedule by a smartphone app. Many citizens began to leave their cars in intercepting parking lots and transfer to buses and subways.

Buses are now attracting as a comfortable and convenient. Most road sections now have dedicated lanes for public transport. It saves a lot of time: the bus passes the crowds of cars on a highway.

The cost of production, environmental friendliness, convenience and comfort of new buses and electric buses for citizens, a freer and more comfortable urban environment are only the main advantages of urban passenger transport. Soon, in large cities, the public transport system will displace motorists. The city will become cleaner and freer.

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