Potential of public transport in the city

3 October 2020

To promote public transport is necessary to improve it externally and internally. Take care of it and make it not only convenient but also attractive. Public transport has a lot of advantages that are only now beginning to be appreciated by modern citizens.

David Owen, a journalist for The New Yorker, writes about the case of American citizens. Americans have consistently demonstrated that we are ready to make almost any sacrifice for the sake of a personal car: to pay monstrous money for fuel and transport insurance while saving on all other expenses, including medical insurance, to endure huge costs and inconveniences associated with parking, and to drive daily distances that previously seemed unreal, if not insane.

Talking about Moscow, with its parking prices, especially in the city center, you can calculate how much the average car owner in Moscow overpays for their “comfort.” This comfort is very conditional, especially in recent years. Now we will understand why.

For starters, gasoline prices continue to rise every year. Let’s remember about the release into the environment, which brings a personal car into everyday use. In any case, the bus will be more economical and will cause less damage to the ecology. Prepayment for the bus production and its operation is cheaper than the same figures in the calculation for several cars. At the same time, more people will use the bus compare to individual transport like a car.

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