Passenger seat 1018


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  • fabric upholstery
  • handrail


  • supports for fixing to the floor
  • adapter
  • limiter
  • armrest

Seats consist of a frame and quickly and easily can be replaced, and maintainable back and base, the replacement time of which is no more than 3 minutes.

The seat cushion is attached using special fasteners (at least 3 pieces) installed on the seat base, which in case of mechanical failure can be replaced without replacing the seat frame.

The seat width is 440 mm (according to UNEC standards).

The frame base material consists of modern composite material.

Antivandal passenger seats MG-Tex 1018 are for urban passenger transport. The main advantages are low weight and high strength.
Suitable for vehicles of the M3 category produced by LIAZ, GAZ, VOLGABAS, KAVZ, MAZ, MERCEDES, TROL, UKVZ, VITYAZ, and others.
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